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Vision Statement

The CIS department is committed to the development of a digitally literate community that will effectively contribute to and thrive within the ever evolving world of electronic information.

Mission Statement

The CIS department delivers high quality, accessible information system education to a diverse student population. We prepare students to utilize, analyze, design, and develop information systems. We provide a balance between fundamental information systems concepts and the application of these concepts from a future-oriented perspective.

The CIS department provides an associate's degree and certificate programs in information systems. We offer service courses in information systems to CIS majors and CIS certificate students as well as applied computer courses to students college-wide.

The CIS department faculty pursues excellence in teaching and learning as its primary purpose. We nurture learning through individual attention to students. The faculty aggressively engages in professional development activities that enhance instruction and contribute to workforce development and effective transfer to 4 year institutions. We provide service to the institution, the profession and the community at large.



Ed Burg - ed.burg@vvc.edu
Reiji Cass - reiji.cass@vvc.edu
Shane Thomas - shane.thomas@vvc.edu
Paul Tonning - paul.tonning@vvc.edu

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